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All You Need To Know About Different Materials Of Walking Canes

All You Need To Know About Different Materials Of Walking Canes

Tom Siceloff |

While buying a walking cane, the first thing that attracts us is the color and design. The second important parameter to be considered is the built material. When walking canes first made their appearance in the early 1700s, they were mostly made of wood, less ornamental, and bulkier. However, with time the walking canes underwent refinement. Different materials and techniques were used to give it desired weight, shape, and shine.

Today, one can find walking canes in a variety of materials. From classic wood and bamboo to lightweight aluminum and acrylic to high-end blackthorn and lucite, there is a whole range of materials for every budget and style.

Lightweight and durable metallic material

Metallic materials include aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic, and more. Due to their lightweight nature, they are a preferred choice for creating medical canes. Metal canes are more flexible than wooden canes, and therefore, most folding and collapsible canes are made out of them. They are a perfect combination of durability and sturdiness. If one needs a heavy-duty walking cane or quad-tip walking cane, then metallic material is the ideal choice. 

Classic and Regal non-metals

Non-metallic materials include wood and bamboo. These are the classic materials that have been used to create canes through ages. Wooden and bamboo canes are aesthetically appealing and handcrafted to give it a regal look. Non- metallic material is easy to work with. One can easily cut through it for adjusting the height as per an individual user’s requirement. However, they can be heavier to use & carry. They are typically used for a single-tip cane.

Unique and sturdy Blackthorn Sticks

Blackthorn hardwood material is the most sought-after traditional material for its appearance and heritage. It is originally a shrubby bush with thorns and features natural knots in them. The arrangement of thorns forms a spiral shape around the shaft and gives it a distinctive look.

The Versatile Lucite and Acrylic

Most modern designer canes today are made from lucite and acrylic. It is easy to mold it in different shapes and sizes. It gives the liberty to blend the colors to create attractive high-end walking canes.  It is easy to produce lucite canes in a wide array of shades including, transparent or clear style. Its smooth surface makes it comfortable to hold and gives it a distinctive sheen. It is quite easy to clean and requires the least maintenance.

It is important to choose the right variant of material for a specific type of walking cane. It will prove to be a worthy investment and give you a life-long hassle-free service. At walking canes, you will find all types of materials and designs. We host one of the largest inventory in walking canes and sticks. Go explore our collection today. 


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