Unisex Derby Handle in Cherry


A large number of people prefer standard canes to highly decorative canes when asked about a perfect cane that can be carried around. If you are one amongst them, the Unisex Derby Handle in Cherry walking cane is a great choice for you. The cherry shaft, which comes with highly glossy lacquer finish, offers a premium look and feel to the cane, making it fashionable even in the standard design. Featuring a unisex design, the cane comes with a solid maple wood construction. The cane is available in a standard length of 36 inches. However, you can get the length of this cane customized to your required length. It comes with a diameter of 7/8 inches. The rubber tip #8-0398-08 offers you better safety while walking on slippery or wet floors. This cane can be a perfect accessory for gala events and functions that accentuates your style and sense of fashion.

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