Stone Washed Blue Walking Cane

Stone washed blue might be a favored denim style but now, you get to own a walking cane that has the same aesthetics, enter the Stone Washed Blue Color Walking Stick! The color mimicry of stone washed denims is done brilliantly but this isnt about blindly using a color. The blue shade has been curated to ensure it looks good on a well-groomed cane. The idea is to ensure that this cane works as a responsible walking aid and a fashion accessory. The stone washed finish is unseen in the niche of premium waling canes. This affordable stick comes with a hardwood handle and shaft. You get the cane in standard length of 36 inches, or cut to size, with a smart chrome band and a tip HC8039808. At this online cane mega store, you get the assurance of reasonable pricing without compromising on the quality. Apart from fashionable and premium walking canes, we also sell the best in cane handles and grips and all the standard cane accessories.

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