Blackberry Fashion Quad-Cane Small


Quad Canes are commonly perceived as a functional utility that helps you improve your balance while walking as well as support your body weight. However, the Blackberry Fashion Quad-Cane Small walking cane is an exception to this norm. It comes with a beautiful imagery of the berries on a black backdrop. This versatile cane features a small yet a strong base with 5x8 inches measurement and a center balance offset handle. Along with the nylon security nut, this quad-cane is a perfect choice for those who need to get a greater walking support than standard walking canes. Replacement tips are #8-4608-08 and replacement grips are #8-2196-08 are available with this cane. You can adjust the height of this cane from 30 inches to 39 inches according to your preference. Making a unique styles statement along with the versatile design, the Blackberry Fashion Quad-Cane Small is a great choice for your next big event. Replacement parts sold separate.

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