Adjustable Fruit Patterned Handle


Fruit pattern canes have been sold before too on this store but until now, we have not come across something as elegant as the Ladies Adjustable Fruit Pattern walking cane. One look at it and you realize that the design is refreshing. A pleasant change from the usual range of fruit designed canes with the colorful spread running from the handle to the ferrule. Vibrancy of colors is accentuated by the presence of a contrasting, dark black background. The contrasting effect comes from a golden clamp that harmonizes beautifully in the floral designed cane. A true ladys cane, it uses the age-old floral pattern but then, it does so with a distinguished appeal. The Ladies Fruit Pattern cane is a great fashion statement for women who like to carry effortless fashion accessories. The extremely low weight and adjustability are the other, most noticeable features. It is almost effortless to adjust the height of cane between 28�� inches and 37 inches, the latter measurement making the cane for the tallest of women users. Use of a rubber ferrule means the assurance of a slip-proof grip.

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