Elegant Ebony Walking Cane


Unlike the standard black color, Ebony can impulsively strike the attention of the onlookers if used correctly. Featuring this distinctive shade, the Elegant Ebony Walking Cane has been a trendsetter in the niche of stylish walking canes. This walking cane for men comes with a polished derby-style handle set on a genuine elegant ebony wood shaft. The silver ring, lending a contrasting touch, makes the presentation more sophisticated. This handsome cane features a length of 36 inches as standard. You can get this customized to your preference by choosing the required length from the drop-down menu. It comes with rubber tip #8-0398-08 that enhances the longevity of the cane and secures you from accidental slipping on smooth floors. Elegant Ebony is the right choice for those who prefer a unique walking accessory that announces your style in a smart and graceful way. Men's derby handle polished, genuine elegant ebony wood shaft with silver ring. 

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