Duke Of Wellington with Black Shaft in Antique Scrimshaw


Few walking canes can boast about having a distinctively colonial aura and still having a global following. One such offering is the Duke Of Wellington with Black Shaft in Antique Scrimshaw a great example of a simple yet eye-catching design that is winning more patrons every day! It features a grip-friendly Fritz handle, handcrafted from polymer resin and finished in a Soft Ivory Color. The words Duke of Wellington is engraved on the handle that enhances the canes unique appeal. The shaft is made of wood and has a tapered design. Its 1-inch diameter ensures additional stability and durability. This Duke of Wellington cane measures 36 inches in length, but can be cut to size if the user wants a shorter cane. Durable and versatile, this cane is the perfect companion for leisurely strolls and an excellent accessory for weddings, plays, and similar occasions.  

The shaft is 36" long and tapers from 1" to 3/4" diameter. Replacement tip is 3/4 inch #HC8039808. 

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