Flower Fashion Quad-Cane Small


Walking cane reflects your personality just like any other fashion accessory that you carry. A walking cane that matches your unique style statement seldom goes unnoticed. That is why selecting a perfect cane for you is very important. Flower Fashion Quad Cane Small that comes from the niche of four-pronged walking sticks is a great choice if you require a walking stick that supports weight and gives balance while walking. This great walking accessory is festooned with the high definition floral design on a white background. This pleasant design makes it a perfect choice for cool and warm hearted people. It goes perfectly with any ensemble, making it a great choice for gala celebrations. This cane is not only a fashion accessory, but also a great walking support as it features a versatile design with center balance offset handle and nylon security nut. The cane can be adjusted from 30 inches to 39 inches according to your preference. A standard Flower Fashion Quad Cane Small comes with replacement tips #8-4608-08 and replacement grips #8-2196-08.

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