Ladies Adjustable Birlwood Design


Flaunt your feminity with the Ladies Birlwood Design featuring a bright background with a lustrous hues. To ensure this cane makes a lot of sense for women on the lookout for lightweight trendy canes, the birlwood cane uses high-grade, ultra-light aluminum in the shaft. Derby handle ensures the cane provides a well-contoured, easy-to-grip surface. This also makes it easier to hold the cane for longer hours without fatigue. It is the ideal cane selection for women who want a dynamic fashion accessory something that stands apart from the rest. The passionate shades do the job to perfection, engaging a lot of attention and is beautifully complemented by the black colored ferrule. The rubber ferrule provides stability and a good grip all types of surfaces. To make it is usable for a wider range of users, the canes height can be adjusted from 28 to 37 inches.  5/8 inch rubber tip.

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