Amber Palm Grip - Left Hand


The Amber Palm Grip Walking Cane is meant for left-handed folksone of the few premium options in the niche of walking canes that are dedicated to southpaws. Most people assume that a walking cane is equally useful for left and right-handed folks. Further, underlining its dexterity is the unisex design. The layout is neither too chauvinistic nor feminine. The emphasis is on creating a fine walking cane that is durable enough to be used as a trusted walking aid and aesthetically progressive enough to be a fashion accessory. Please note that this cane has a dignified persona. The use of amber acrylic gives the cane a very rich, woody aura along with making it more resistant to weather-induced challenges. The black-stained shaft is made of solid hardwood where the contrastingly signature ring made of brass handsomely fits along the upper portion. At 36-inches long, the Amber Palm Grip Walking Cane meets the requirements of a standard walking cane and comes with #8-0398-08 rubber tip. The cane can be cut to size. The black shaft has a striking luster that is sure to engage the attention of onlookers.

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