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How to Choose Walking Cane Features

There are four basic walking cane features. They are the handle, collar, shaft and ferrule. Once you have had experience with each of these walking cane features, you will know which materials and styles you prefer for each.

1. The handle is the most versatile of these walking cane features. You will find several varieties of cane handles, but the most common are:

· J Handle (or the Tourist). This is the most common shape for a cane’s handle, but most people prefer derby handles unless they are used to this one.
· The Fritz shape originated in the 16th century by a German count. It was developed for use by people suffering with arthritis. Today, the Fritz handle is still used for maximum support and style.
· The Derby is still chosen 4 to 1 over any other handle. It directs the weight over the shaft, which ensures comfort and support. 
· Anatomically correct handles are wonderfully crafted, and perfectly suited to the contours of a person’s hand. They are intended to fit like a glove, providing ultimate comfort, stability and custom benefits.

2. The collar is the piece, usually a band or disk of metal, that attaches the handle to the shaft.

3. Forming the longest part of the cane, the straight shaft is usually made of wood or metal, but can also be crafted in bone, bamboo, or horn.

4. At the very tip of your cane, you will find the ferrule. Formerly, the ferrule was made of copper or other metallic materials that protected the cane from rot and general wear and tear. But nowadays canes usually have a rubber tip, which is more economical, non-skid and is easily replaceable.

How to Choose Walking Cane Features

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