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Walking is an accessible exercise, appropriate for children, adults, seniors, and those with limited mobility. The health benefits of walking have been documented and confirmed through various studies and includes helping individuals shed weight, lowering blood pressure, slowing bone loss, managing cholesterol, and helping strengthen the heart. Studies have also shown that regular physical activity such as walking can help with maintaining good health and reducing the risk of getting osteoporosis, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and other serious diseases. The benefits of walking are not limited to physical health. Better sleep, a sharper memory, and feeling energized, are just a few of the emotional benefits associated with walking.

Few exercises are as easily adaptable to the walkers preferences as walking is. Many, who take up walking, join clubs and groups and find walking buddies. Some walkers, however, prefer to enjoy the hobby as a solo effort for fitness or are interested in walking as a sport. Walking initiatives for schools, communities, workplaces, and in support of charitable causes are also popular. Getting started with walking is cheap and easy. In addition to a good pair of walking shoes, walkers can map out routes and even track their steps online. Brushing up on walking safety information and tips can ensure walking is a safe pursuit for all ages of walkers. Joining or learning about the campaigns and resources offered by various walking organizations will also help walkers stick with the activity.

Walking Tools

America On The Move Pedometer Steps Tracker

Gmap Pedometer



Walk Score

Safety When Walking

Avoid Potential Pitfalls When Walking

Common Sense Walking Tips

Don't Take Safety For Granted Tips

Focusing On Safety While Walking (PDF)

Mature Adults Walking Safety (PDF)

Play It Safe When Walking

Walkability Checklist (PDF)

Walking & Running Safely

Government, International & National Organizations

Alliance For Biking & Walking

American Volkssport Association

American Heart Association - National Walking Day

America Walks

Association Of Pedestrian & Bicycle Professionals

British Walking Federation

Every Body Walk!

IML Walking Association

International Nordic Walking Federation

International Walk To School Month

Living Streets

Long Distance Walkers Association

National Center For Bicycling & Walking

National Center For Safe Routes To School

National Complete Streets Coalition

North American Racewalking Foundation

North American Racewalking Institute

Partnership For A Walkable America

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center

Ramblers' Association

National Walk To Work Day Australia

Walkable & Livable Communities Institute

Walkers Association Of Ireland

World Walk Foundation


ByEd Siceloff

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