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Research based on all facets of using mobility aids. These articles are written by experts in the medical field or related industries and based on research by the authors.  Many of the articles we have included are written by Expert Medical Doctors.  The articles are on how the use of mobility aids are associated with many different diseases in our life. The research articles are on diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis or Obesity and how these diseases require many to use a walking cane and why they need the device to help them in day to day living.

Research on mobility aids and who uses them and why is a new topic we have recently added to our website. For hundred's of years walking sticks or canes have been a part of our society.  Many years ago the mobility sticks were used as a sign of wealth. Many noblemen used the canes as a fashion device.  The shepherd's used a walking stick to help guide their sheep  Today most people think of mobility aids as a medical device needed to assist the body in movement.

The Social Security Administration recently added about 20 diseases to their list that will fast track the person with that disability to receiving benefits.   Every one of those diseases require some sort of mobility device. If someone you know is having trouble walking, share this free ebook with them. Knowledge of a particular illness can help then manage their expectations and learn to cope with problems that may arise in the future. Saying mobile is vitally important regardless of illness or disability. During doctor visits, information within the report can help guide the consultation and improve understanding of difficult instructions. Becoming a more knowledgeable patient can make all the difference any device to help that person through daily activities.  In researching walking cane use in this country we find that about 2-3% of the population uses some sort of mobility device.  Mobility devices can include walking canes, walking sticks, electric chairs, scooters, or wheelchairs. 

The list of articles you will find below are written by experts exclusively for our website.  Our purpose is to help convey to the readers the relationship of the disease and using a mobility device with that particular disease.

At the end of each article we have a space to insert your input.  Please email us the information at admin@walking-canes.net and we will make sure your Expert Opinion is voiced.

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