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How to Choose a Walking Cane Handle

Choosing a cane handle can be slightly overwhelming if this is your first time into the world of walking canes. There are roughly nine cane handle options and each of these provides some advantages. Some of the highlighted aspects might seem similar to you. It is better to read the following with some patience. This is an easy-to-understand guide that can make choosing a walking cane handle easier for you:

1. Derby Handles – one of the first handles to be created, these are regarded as a classic choice by cane historians and connoisseurs. A very popular option among men and women, the handle has great ergonomics. With a variety of premium woods and collars used to make derby handle canes, the choices seem endless. If you want to gift a cane, a derby handle presents the safest choice with nearly no chance of bothering the user.

2. Fritz Handles – another classic choice, it is increasingly getting popular. People with muscular or neuromuscular problems and those suffering from different types of arthritic conditions usually prefer these. The best choice when you don't want to stress the wrist and hand.

3. Palm Grip Handles – a handle that is very particular about how it fits the hand. The fitting is so comfortable it feels like a customized handle. Palm grip canes have left or right hand compatibility, perfectly curving according to the palm’s contours.

4. Tourist Handles – also called shepherd’s handle, J handle canes, and crook handle, tourist handle canes are regarded as the earliest of recognized handle designs. This is the easiest cane to hang on your arm when you are not using it.

5. Offset Handles – typically recommended for people with mobility-related problems. A sort of medical cane with question mark shaped handle that ensures better distribution of user’s body weight.

6. Knob Handles – though quite comfortable, knob handles are associated with decorative or fashionable canes. The knob is often made of precious materials, including glass and faux ivory with a distinct collar.

7. Orthopedic / Ergonomic Handles - meant for left or right hand use, the handle promises a cushioned, comfortable grip at all times. People with carpal tunnel syndrome and those recuperating from hand-related injuries are prescribed such handles.

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