Catatude Designer Cane


Get ready to turn all eyes at you for your next big event with this bewitching design of the Catatude Designer Cane. It is a great collectible, especially for Feline lovers, who would rarely miss a chance to appreciate its captivating design. This exotic designer cane features a cats head handle finished in black color except for the green shiny eyes that makes it realistic. The cathead handle cane is set on a black hardwood shaft. A silver ring connects the head to the shaft and gives a contrasting appeal. The cane is available in a length of 36 inches as standard. However, you can customize this length according to your preferences. It also features a rubber tip at the base to give it a firmer grip on shiny surfaces. The Catatude Designer Cane is a perfect match for your party-wear.  Tip 8-0398-08

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