Tall Walking Canes
Tall Walking Canes
We realize that taller people often struggle to find a cane that suits their taller-than-usual stance. We have been creating a special segment of canes for such requirements—Tall Walking Canes. These canes have all the attributes associated with a traditional cane and present all the advantages of a conventional cane, including the ability to support body weight and present a dignified/fashionable walking aid.

Applications of Tall Canes
If you have been suffering from backache from leaning or using your walking cane, or are not able to find canes long enough to match your height, our assortment of Tall Walking Cane can be handy for you. Tall canes also make for a very considerate gifting option since these are not easily available. At our online store, you can get a cane as long as 107 cm (42 inches). Custom made canes can even be higher than this! Some people might need taller-than-average canes because of a temporary change in their altitude, i.e. the presence of a heavy plaster wrapped around the foot. Non- conformist uses of taller canes is found where people use lengthier canes as a tool to pull/push things in their vicinity!

Buying Taller Canes from Us
Our collection of taller walking canes has been slowly expanding, increasing canes in different handle styles—Derby, Crook, and Fritz. You can find ultra-long canes in different materials—Wood, Acrylic, Metal, and Dark Wood. We also recommend taking a minute to browse through our collection of Hand Carved Walking Canes or Adjustable Walking Canes. If you want a tall cane with more customization options call us.

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