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Offset Handle Walking Cane

Offset Handle Walking Cane

If you have had hip or knee surgery, an offset cane is an excellent means to help you walk a little easier. They also offer support for those who simply have a little trouble walking. The way offset canes are made, they are often much easier to use than regular canes. Browse our selection to find one to try today. Some of our Offset Handle Canes can come with a Quad Base Small or Quad Base Large.

Fashion offset canes are ergonomically designed for comfort and support but don't lack an ounce of style. The bend in the handle centers the line of force through the shaft to the tip providing better stability to the user. These unique offset handles can support up to 300 pounds. They often come with contoured hand grips, wrist straps and non-slip rubber tips for added comfort and stability.

These offset walking canes are great for anyone who has had surgery that affects your ability to walk easily, as well as anyone else who needs a little assistance. We offer many different styles of offset walking canes so that you can find one that is perfect for you. These also make an excellent gift for someone who has just had hip or knee surgery. There's no get well soon gift like the one that helps get someone back on their feet more quickly.

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