Natural Walking Canes

Natural Walking Canes
Natural walking canes are invariably made of wood, which remains the global standard for canes despite the emergence of stronger and lighter options in the form of metal walking canes. Natural canes are preferred because they don't try too hard to be fashionable. The emphasis is on retaining the natural charm of the wood and at the most, accentuating it by using a finishing that complements the wood’s grain pattern or texture.

We continue to expand our collection of natural looking walking canes with options covering the entire range of wooden canes. This includes:
 • Bamboo walking canes
• Hand-carved canes
• Canes made of oak
 • Maple wood canes
• Canes with rich mahogany shafts
 • Cherry wood shafts

Other, popular hardwood options for natural canes include beech wood, pine, and ash. You can make a choice based upon your intended usage or preferences. For instance, bamboo canes have a unique pattern along with being the lightest option. Cherry wood is at the top of premium wooden cane hierarchy and it gives you an inimitable texture and dense shade.

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