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Irish Walking Cane

Irish Walking Cane

Irish Walking Cane    
Ireland is at the heart of global cane culture, contributing immensely to the niche of classic and vintage canes. This is perhaps due to the Irish geographical conditions that include many hiking hills and outdoorsy green pastures. The Irish are known to have been using walking canes for a very long time. Today, the countryside of Ireland invites attention of professional hikers and people who like to idea of exploring outdoors. 

The Irish Cane: Serving Purpose with Style
Irish canes are widely regarded as the best choice among stronger, resilient natural-looking canes. Designed for avid walkers, most Irish canes are perfect to cover large distances. Every popular Irish walking cane has the credentials of serving dutifully without any maintenance issues. Mostly, Irish Canes are equipped with curly ram’s horn crooks handle but you can get knob handle options too.  Knob-handled Irish Canes are counted among the eternal favorites in many part of Europe. Another, popular choice is Blackthorn Handle Irish Cane—the uncrowned king among rustic canes with a rural undertone!

Explore Irish Canes at Reasonable Prices
We are expanding our collection of Irish walking canes, which is curated keeping your requirements in mind. Popular options include the Blackthorn Shillelagh Stick, Blackthorn Shaft, and Shillelagh Blackthorn Stick.

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Blackthorn Walking Stick
Nothing is too tough a task with a blackthorn walking stick in your hand! Making every step that much easier and supported, our blackthorn walking stick does the trick every time. Made with a popular hardwood perfect for the shaft of a cane, a blackthorn walking stick has beautiful knots from its natural state, with an attractive taper and a design that is meant to support your stride.

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