Fritz Handle Wooden Canes
Fritz Handle Wooden Canes
The Fritz handle Walking Canes, designed by a German count, during the 16th century come with an obvious German quality. These kinds of canes are designed to offer optimum stability and comfort while walking. The ergonomically designed Fritz handles of the canes distribute the weight of the user evenly over the shaft.

The handles of these kinds of walking canes incorporate a C-curved contour and resemble Lord Derby style handles. The open-ended handles allow you to maneuver your hands/fingers at will in-accordance to your own comfort level. The structure of the handle ensures that your hands and fingers do not feel cramped. The unique design offers a comfortable grip for both larger sized and petite hands.

The Fritz Sized Walking Canes also come with judiciously designed shafts that are sturdy as well as durable. Made of the best quality woods like Walnut, Oak, Hickory and Cherry, the walking canes come in a wide range of variations. These canes are available in wide range of colors, forms and designs. The Fritz Handle Wooden Canes like Shiny Chrome Walnut, Ladies Blue Flowers Custom Cane and Natural Gator Custom Cane are few of the options that are specially designed for the stylish personalities. For more formal and sober men’s walking canes, there are options like Brown Marble with Fritz Handle, Shiny Chrome Walnut, Basic Men's First Choice Walnut Fritz Handle and more.

Whether you are looking for a men’s fritz handle cane or women’s fritz handle cane, we stock a wide assortment of Fritz handle Walking Canes. With our transparent and clear pricing and shipping policies, you are sure to enjoy shopping with us. However, be careful while surfing through our wide assortment of canes. You might end up buying more than you require.

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