Shepherd's Crook 54 inches in Chestnut with Bark-Classy Walking Canes

Shepherd's Crook 54 inches in Chestnut with Bark

A stylish and practical stick that can be used for shepherding duties as well as for support on country walks. This is a traditional stick of great...

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Classic Canes
Classic Canes, an esteemed walking cane company based in England, offers a wide selection of walking canes that we are proud to represent in the USA. Classic Canes Limited, a British family business, specializes in producing and distributing walking sticks to retailers worldwide. With a range of walking sticks, seat sticks, and umbrellas, Classic Canes supplies retailers in more than 40 countries. Their collection includes various types of walking sticks such as everyday, fashion, orthopedic, collectors', and folding walking sticks. Additionally, they offer contemporary and traditional seat sticks, shooting sticks, and a curated collection of ladies', gentlemen's, and golf umbrellas. Classic Canes also stocks a comprehensive range of accessories including ferrules and wrist loops. Notably, many of their rustic walking sticks are grown and manufactured on-site in their Somerset woodlands, using traditional forestry techniques and native British hardwoods like ash, hazel, and blackthorn as raw materials.

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