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Blackthorn Canes

Blackthorn Canes

Blackthorn Canes
Blackthorn is widely regarded as the most fashionable and durable of all European canes with a distinct Irish heritage. Walking canes from Ireland are renowned for their resilience and the Blackthorn bush yields the hardest of woods used for making canes. Today, the Blackthorn has earned the reputation of being a premium selection for canes, engaging the envy of collectors and dedicated cane enthusiasts.

The Blackthorn Cane Legacy
Original Blackthorns were referred to as Shillelaghs. Despite a slightly violent history, shillelaghs gained popularity, first in Ireland and then, England. These were slightly modified shillelaghs. For other European nations, this provided them a functional walking cane that was very sturdy and easy to work with during the process of preparing it—this is called the Blackthorn. This blackthorn was a stout cane. It was very easy to hold and deploy as a means to balance yourself. A reliable walking cane, it gained more popularity in the rural areas where people recommended it for its inherent traits like resistance to discoloration apart from not chipping easily despite negligible maintenance.

Blackthorn Options Some people have taken to Hawthorne-made canes that have the reputation of aping beechwood. However, not all cane collectors are so sure about this. Despite the similarities in the finishing texture and appearance, Hawthorne remains a somewhat cheaper and not-so-strong option. We would recommend opting for the original blackthorns listed here.

Buy Genuine Blackthorn Canes Walking Canes online store provides the largest range of options among high-quality blackthorn canes and blackthorn shillelaghs. You get the assurance of buying from a globally renowned online store that presents clear shipping and pricing policies. For genuine Blackthorn canes steeped deep into the rich heritage of English cane-makers, please check out our listing of beechwood hiking sticks and those resembling the traditional shillelagh.

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