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Walking Canes that are Movie Inspired

Walking Canes that are Movie Inspired

Tom Siceloff |

dicaprio walking cane

There is always an ongoing shift in people’s mindset with the change in cinematic trends. Adding accessories like canes to lead characters adds up much-needed plunge and authority to their personality.

Here are some examples when people went gaga with the designs and aura created by fancy accessories— the canes of movie characters.

Harry Potter Series

The movie adaption of the novel series of the same name had a negative character Lucius Malfoy. He was always seen carrying a Walking Stick featuring a snake’s head representing his dark side. The cane concealed a wand inside it. The specially designed stick was undoubtedly an inseparable part of his personality. His cane gave him a unique look among all characters.

The Wolfman

In the American horror drama, the lead character Benicio Del Toro graced his attire with a wooden cane with a wolf-head handle and a resin tip. A lightweight cane was designed to look like a metal one with ornate details.

The Great Gatsby

The iconic cane with a silver handle used by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel is one of the most impressive canes. A badge representing his love towards daisy (his love interest) was marked on his cane, which also signified his encouragement to manifest wealth.

The Lord of the Rings

The character Gandalf played by Ian McKellen was often seen carrying different canes in the series. The canes used by him held a crystal giving the cane a powerful look. All the canes matched his attire making them an indispensable part of his persona.

Jurassic Park

A cane with an egg-shaped Amber piece features a cast resin top with a large crane fly suspended inside on the top. This handmade cane finished with a Spar Varbish was carried by the character John Hammond. Jurassic Park fans all around the world are crazy about the design.


The idea of using a cane as a fashion accessory was popularized by Fred Astaire in many of his movies. Nowadays, we don’t see many characters use the walking canes as fashion accessories, but they still incorporate them as a part of their character. In the real world, perhaps, we need to more thoughtful while choosing an appropriate cane that suits our attire and personality. To choose a cane for usage or gifting purpose, visit our mega online store of walking canes and browse through the catalog.


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