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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Designer Walking Cane

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect  Designer Walking Cane

Tom Siceloff |

Earlier popular as a fashion accessory for the elite groups, designer walking canes are increasingly becoming the trendiest pick amongst the masses. Besides providing excellent support and balance while walking, these also add a touch of style to your appeal. If you are looking for a walking cane that is both stylish and functional, there you have landed on the right page. This blog will thereby be your companion in selecting the perfect designer walking cane:

  • Prioritize Quality Above Anything Else

While style can grab attention easily, it is the quality of a walking cane that ensures maximum durability and long-time usage. It is always advisable to go for canes that are made of sturdy materials like wood. Wooden walking canes like Ladies Brown Swirl Lucite come with a premium hardwood construction and a classy walnut appeal, that complements the overall structure.

  • Consider the Style & Design of the Handles

The handle of a walking cane not only offers you a comfortable grip but also acts as a center of attraction. With a variety of styles and designs available, one might feel confused while choosing the perfect handle. Those who like a minimalist appearance can go for formal cap or derby handles. For a more uber-stylish appeal, you may consider going for molded handles like fish walnut handle, skull handle, alligator brass handle, or greyhound dog crook handle.

  • Pick Solid Walking Canes for a Refined Appeal

Solid walking canes are perfect to get that refined touch of style. The Ivory Ball Cherry, for instance, features a cherry-stained hardwood shaft with an ivory ball knob and brass ring that gives the whole look a touch of elegance.

  • Choose Patterned Walking Canes for a Peculiar Style

For a more peculiar style, it is best to go for walking canes that come in appealing patterns. The swirl, marble, and floral patterned canes are very much in trend. While the vibrancy of multiple colors grabs all attention, the quirky patterns bring in a refreshing vibe.

  • Go with Adjustable Cane for Added Functionality

While youngsters like to go with playful colors and designs, the elderly usually like to pick things with better functionality. Lightweight in form and premium in quality, walking canes like the Ladies Adjustable Birlwood Design provides a well-contoured and easy-to-grip surface. Furthermore, the cane’s height can be adjusted according to the user’s needs, thereby making it a highly practical accessory.

Summing It Up

Now that you are well informed about the things to consider when buying a walking cane, selecting the perfect one will not be too overwhelming. It is recommended that you explore a few styles of walking sticks from popular websites like Classy Walking Canes. Their stylish and superior-quality walking canes are sure to serve you for a long time.

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