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From the Cane Vault: 5 Famous Folks Who Walked the Cane

From the Cane Vault: 5 Famous Folks Who Walked the Cane

Tom Siceloff |

With the emergence of classy walking canes, the use of these sticks is no more connoted with mobility issues. The use of walking canes is more about making a statement and making your presence felt. Walking canes have come a long way from being a walking support to becoming an expression of confidence. This has been proved by several famous personalities and characters from TV dramas. Here, we are sharing five folks who are famous across the world and romanced the cane…


  1. Winston Churchill

famous people using canes

The then British Prime Minister, who led the Great Britain against the worst adversaries in Europe during the Second World War, was often spotted with a cane. Winston Churchill sported a wooden walking cane and claimed to be ‘walking with destiny’. His wooden cane established was an integral part of his persona. It was associated with his reputation of being a confident decision-maker, a strong-headed statesman who made his mark in world history.


  1. Scott Disick

A famous TV personality on Keeping with Kardashians and spouse to Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick is perhaps the most relevant example of contemporary personalities who are associated with using classy walking canes as a fashion accessory. Scott is known to carry stylish walking canes, often matched with his wardrobe ensemble.


  1. Doctor House

In the popular show Doctor House, where Hugh Laurie plays the titular role of a pragmatic physician, the character was portrayed with a walking cane due to a muscle injury in the leg. Even with rising popularity, the cane was sustained for nearly eight seasons! Here, the cane added to the believability of the character rather than being a prop or a fashion accessory.


  1. Fred Astaire

The famous Broadway dancer Fred Astaire used canes as a prop and personified it to create awe-inspiring dance moves. He worked the cane to fly in his hand and made it a significant part of his iconic tap dance. The magic he created with a walking cane remains an integral part of celebrities’ tryst with canes.


  1. Charlie Chaplin

Perhaps the most legendary character in this list—the actor, filmmaker, and composer, Charlie Chaplin is perhaps the torchbearer of walking canes. His cane was rather versatile. An everyday tool, a life support, a walking aid, part of humorous gimmicks, and an accessory critical enough to be counted as a part of the character. Chaplin is remembered for his iconic walk with the stick—the moves remain etched in movie history. Vintage walking canes associated with him have sustained a cult following.



When choosing walking canes, don’t be led purely by what celebrities and movie stars have chosen. This is about something you will carry, as an aid or a style accessory and the decision should be about individualism. Spend a few minutes on our website, visit various cane categories, and then, make a better-informed decision…

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