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Did you know Europeans were the pioneers in using walking sticks? Walking sticks were not just used for support or balance but were essential accessories used by gentlemen in the 17th and 18th centuries. Men belonging to the aristocratic class and high societies especially coordinated the walking sticks with their luxurious outfits to make a unique style statement. Walking Cans brings you a fine collection of elegant walking sticks that feature this classic European style. These walking sticks also come in a sturdy construction to offer you enhanced support and easy movement. Here are some of the most exquisite designs for you to explore:

Straight Formal Cap and Classic Blackthorn Derby for Men

The blackthorn derby walking cane is one of the most widely used walking sticks worldwide. Featuring a blackthorn shaft and wooden stick, it comes with a smart brass collar and a neat metal ferrule. The straight walking stick for men likewise offers you the perfect blend of simplicity and functionality. It has an apt design which makes it suitable for both elders and youngsters. This walking cane has a high gloss black finish maple shaft and a steel reinforced suction grip rubber tip for improved stability.

Traditional Hazel Wood Knobstick

The hazelwood knobstick is elegant in appearance and features a minimalist traditional design. Available in small, medium, and tall sizes. This walking stick comes fitted with a metal ferrule and features glimmering colors and a fine texture.

Decorative Moulded Top Walking Stick

Apart from traditional styles, Walking Canes has an exclusive collection of fashionable walking sticks that come in the most unique molded top design. These include the exceptionally designed decorative silver Owl top, walnut Jack the Rabbit top, bronze golden Retriever top, Bulldog top, Greyhound top, Gator head top, and many more designs that let you flaunt a royal and appealing look. These handles are not only style to perfection but also provide you with a solid grip and convenience while holding them.

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