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All About Trekking Poles

All About Trekking Poles

Tom Siceloff |

Why Are Trekking Poles Important?

Have you ever experienced knee pain when trekking down a steep downhill trail? To reduce pain and take some of the load off your knees, try using trekking poles.

Many walkers, hikers, trekkers, campers, and snowshoers use trekking poles and hiking staffs as basic equipment. The reasons are straightforward: They improve your balance and give you assistance on any terrain. The most significant benefit of hiking with trekking poles is that they help to absorb some of the shock that your joints get when you take a step, especially on ascents and descents.

How To Choose Your Trekking Pole.

Before you jump into making a decision about the perfect pole for your hiking, it's important that you store and possess specific knowledge about the sea you’re diving. Pole materials are mainly made of carbon and aluminum, due to their lightweight features, and strong durability. Depending on the grip of your choice you can choose from cork, foam and rubber. Among the different grip designs like telescoping, trifold, and fixed you can choose solely on your preference. Most importantly sizing is important to truly appreciate the advantages of hiking with trekking poles, you must have the appropriate size. Poles that are excessively tall can cause your posture to be pushed back and may cause shoulder discomfort. Poles that are too short will compel you to lean forward, potentially causing back pain.

  • Choose a hiking staff or trekking poles with a maximum length of at least 51 inches if you're taller than 6 feet.
  • You may shorten most adjustable trekking poles and hiking staffs to make them work for you if you are shorter than 6 feet tall.


It's worth acquiring the versions with premium features if you're a serious hiker who will use them on a regular basis. When you consider the investment over years of use, it only comes to a few dollars per year or a few cents per mile. The major pole manufacturers, as well as some of the largest outdoor shops, offer excellent warranties and stand behind their products. Whether you want to buy or rent hiking poles, there are a few things you should know upfront in order to use them successfully, comfortably, and with the least amount of discomfort. You should take excellent care of your ideal stick once you've found it for a longer life expectancy. If you get caught in the rain while on tour, or if you pass a stream, the poles must be disassembled and the sections left to dry to avoid rusting. This is particularly significant in the case of aluminum sticks.





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