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All About Classy Walking Cane Umbrellas

Royal Umbrella

Tom Siceloff |

If you are looking for a classy yet sturdy walking cane but with a twist i.e. with the benefit of an umbrella, Classy Umbrella Walking Cane is just so perfect for you! Umbrella walking sticks or walking stick umbrellas, make a perfect combination of optimum support and sturdiness but giving you the benefit of an umbrella; making a perfect 2-in-1 choice. Those who wants complete convenience of an umbrella in hand, but also wants to use the sturdy shaft as a comfortable long lasting walking stick that offers balance & support when walking!

Look at these finest walking canes that doubles up as Umbrella when it starts raining. Browse through these and find the one that suits your personality and gives you optimum benefit!

  • Derby Handle Umbrella Walking Cane 

This classy umbrella with a stylish canopy and a derby handle manufactured using ash wood shaft. This designer umbrella is extremely suitable for the country or town walks. The handle is sturdy and the tip has non-slip rubber ferule that works perfectly fine and offers long-lasting performance.

  • Derby Handle Walking Cane Umbrella

This everyday classy umbrella features stylish canopy and derby handle, which is specifically manufactured and designed using Ash Wood on an aluminum shaft. The handle is designed in a way that it can be easily used as a walking stick, that offers good support for balance at times. It also has tip has a non-slip rubber ferule 

  • Stylish Gentlemen's Black Crook Umbrella with Wooden Crook Style Handle

Make a style statement and be at utmost comfort carrying this stylish yet so sturdy Stylish Gentlemen's Black Crook Umbrella. With a striking black canopy, this umbrella cane features crook handle that doubles up as a walking stick offering support and complete assistance.


  • Stylish Red Tartan Crook Umbrella With Wooden Crook Style Handle

Another addition to the list, this stylish crook umbrella with wooden crook style handle has a striking canopy in royal stewart red tartan that offers complete support. The color combinations looks elegant and works perfect for the personality while being equally stylish.

So, look for the designer, comfortable walking cane that doubles up as an umbrella when you need it, while give you complete support as well.



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