X Long 40 inch Chesnut Handled Bamboo Cane


A complete look to your wardrobe collection with the sophisticated Tall Crook Chestnut Handle Bamboo Cane. If you are someone with a passion for simple and sober designs, then this traditional walking cane featuring faux bamboo finish will perfectly suit you. Featuring a traditional design, the durable walking cane has been made from aged chestnut solidsdried for a considerable amount of time before turning them into functional form. These woods are finely sanded and polished to give a perfect finishing. The Crook Chestnut Handle Bamboo Cane comes with a standard crooked handle is known to offer extra grip while walking. The lightweight cane measures 40 inches in length. Featuring a simple and minimalistic design, the Crook Chestnut Handle Bamboo Cane finds perfect use as an orthopedic aid or fancy fashion accessory with a guarantee of quality and durability.

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