Spiral "L" Shape

L-shape canes are not commonly demanded, as most people are unable to comprehend the elegance of the unique presentation. This niche of canes is pursued by dedicated cane aficionados who understand the finer nuances of this genre. Easy to grip and effortless to handle, the Spiral "L" Shape is meant to last for years with negligible maintenance requirements. It is a handy accessory made of durable wood material and it can easily endure rough terrains. It is decorated with creative spiral hand-grooved art running down the shaft. Build to last, this one-piece Spiral "L" Shape walking cane features an elegant yet sturdy L shaped or opera handle. For enhanced safety and durability, this cane is equipped with a steel reinforced suction-grip rubber tip. If you are looking for something simple and unique, this gorgeous spiral-carved opera handle cane will be a superb choice.tip.

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