Scout The Dog Umbrella Cane


Sporty, stylish and fun, unlike anything you have come across in the niche of animal-themed umbrella canes, the Scout The Dog Umbrella Cane inspires cheerfulness even on the gloomiest days! It can be the best companion on those rainy days, not just because it helps you get a steady gait on wet surfaces but also because it doubles up as an umbrella! This Umbrella Cane features a Scout Black Lab Dog Head handle to add a dash of exclusiveness. Molded in cellulose acetate for high durability, the handle head has a black lacquered beech wood extension that helps to balance the 36-inches long Scout Dog Umbrella Cane at all times. Made from the finest materials, this Dog Scout Cane ensures you dont need to worry about a stroll when it is drizzling.

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