Rhinstone Lady


If you are a serious cane user or hobbyist, the Rhinstone Lady is an inevitable selection in your walking cane collection. Apart from the primary purpose of walking supports, the highly fashionable walking stick is a sophisticated option for all those who want to make their own unique style statements. The appearance is bewitching and trendy to the core. The Rhinstone Lady features a crook handle with plexi black finish with rhinestones set in the body of the handle. Coming in a standard length of 36 inches, the stylish walking cane has a black hardwood shaft with chrome ring. We can also cut the canes to suit your exact size requirement. The rubber tip #8-0397-08 provides better safety in slippery areas. Perfect for any big function such as a black-tie event or a formal luncheon, the Rhinstone Lady can suit any wardrobe of your choice.

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