Primrose Ladies Cane


Though canes are primarily used as a walking support, some canes exude such pomp and style that it outweighs all other fashion accessories. The Primrose walking cane is a perfect example. Coming in a color coordinated, bright and glossy burgundy finish, the Primrose walking cane is one of the most preferred ladys walking cane. The maple wood shaft also features a high quality imagery of primroses. The Fritz handle is constructed with solid wood and has a brass band that connects the handle to shaft. The beautiful cane is 35 inches long. However, you can get the length customized according to your height requirements. A perfect gift for the ladylove of your life, this fashion accessory is an ideal accessory that can go with any wardrobe that you wish to wear for a grand black-tie event or a formal luncheon. Rubber tip #8-1700-08

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