Adjustable Grey Wood Effect Cane


Give the perfect accent to your walking stick collection with this adjustable grey wood cane. Some canes are meant to be treasured used less and talked about more. Featuring a brilliantly contoured Derby-style handle and a matching rubber tip, the Grey Wood Effect Walking Cane is ideal for being a point of engagement in your cane collection. A definite conversation starter, this Grey Wood Effect Walking Cane is easily adjustable from 33 inches to 37 inches. A dynamic fashion accessory, the elegant Cane stands majestically over its humbler counterparts with a persona that is difficult to imitate. The Derby handle ensures this adjustable cane has an easy-to-grip surface. The rubber ferrule protects the cane against losing its grip on wet or slippery surfaces. Buy the Adjustable Grey Wood Walking Cane for its brilliant silvery hues and a smart metal collar, merged with the ability to provide credible support on any surface!

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