Gents Chestnut Carved Crook Walking Stick


The Carved Flamed Crook Wooden Cane is the perfect pick for folks who want their walking support to look fashionable. Despite having a humble crook handle, the chestnut cane blends some serious style by using a unique collar and a hand-carved shaft. The finishing is flawlessa bit glossy but doesnt go overboard with the lacquer. The Flamed Shaft Cane is the best way to add a dash of class to your formal look. A rubber ferrule attached to the bottom of this Chestnut Walking Cane gives it a firmer grip on slippery surfaces. Measuring approximately 36 inches in length, this walking stick features the conventional crook handle which is perhaps the wisest cane handle choices if you are worried about carrying the cane when not using it. However, the visual highlight is the rich hardwood shaft of the cane that has extensive engraved detailing. We recommend the Wooden Flamed Cane to everyone searching for traditional canes with a bit of glamor.

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