Derby handle Moulded Top Walking Cane

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Classical cane lovers truly believe that there is nothing better than a derby handle cane exemplified to the fullest by this statement-making Derby Handle Moulded Top Walking Cane. This vintage-style walking cane has been crafted from premium hardwoods. Apart from the durability, this adds to the distinct appeal of a walking stick making it stand apart from the crowd of similar looking walking canes. Whether you are gifting a walking stick or buying it for personal use, understand that classical canes like these have a distinguished, unrivaled charm. One look at the sleek construction and you instantly realize that this cane is finished flawlessly. Look closer and you realize the finesse associated with premium walking canes. Coming in a dark wood shaft with a brass collar, this corinium moulded walking cane is finished for a beautiful bronze effect. Lightweight yet sturdy, the moulded top walking cane features a stunning derby style handle that provides a firm and easy grip. The ergonomically designed handle allows the pressure to be spread evenly across the palm and is quite helpful for those who suffer from arthritis or other, similar problems. With a distinctive edge and 36 inches in length, this wooden Derby handle cane is extremely comfortable to carry. Buy this derby handle walking cane for its timeless style a true lifestyle cane that will always be in style with neat lines and the meticulous finish. 36 Inches,

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