Burgundy Crook Handled Cane for Men


People often assume that walking canes use a restricted number of colors, often sticking to the duller options only. The Burgundy Crook Cane for Men challenges this notion with a rich burgundy shade that is associated with passion. The crook handle gives the cane a humbler appearance but nothing can take away the premium feel of the shaft due to its hardwood creation. This isnt just another cane for men. This is a utility and a means to flaunt your taste in exclusive fashion accessories. The use of maple wood underlines the hardwood DNA of this cane. The shaft gains from the use of premium woods exuding a typically rich, woody aura. Burgundy can get overwhelming for some men due to its naturally dull appearance. To ensure this is not a problem, the Burgundy Crook Cane for Men comes with a high lacquer finish. This helps to neutralize the strong impact of a vibrant color and highlights the wooden texture of the cane. Sold with a dedicated rubber tip, you get the Mens Burgundy Crook Cane in 36 inches of standard length that can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

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