Derby with Blue Handle and Black Shaft

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When you want a truly fashionable cane that does not compromise on form or function, please have a look at the Blue Handle Black Shaft derby cane. It is uses a slightly unusual combination of colors, choosing two equally sober shades rather than the norm of one contrasting shade. The result is absolute visual delight. The use of derby handle means a perfect grip that does not prove demanding on the fingers or wrist. The cane oozes the aura of premium hardwood, making it a good gifting option for a man who likes this style to be rich in tradition. This is perhaps the best color chemistry of black and blue shades on our store. We import this cane directly from Scotland to ensure you get 100% genuine Derby Blue Handle and Black Shaft cane. The presence of a rubber ferrule means a better grip on slippery and wetter grounds. Look closer and you realize that the shaft has a very subtle touch of texturing to itthis kind of finesse is hard to find among premium canes in this price bracket!

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