Afromosia Derby with Collar


African wooden canes have performed superbly on our online store, generating huge sales numbers. The Afromosia Derby with Collar Walking Cane continues this tradition. The Afromosia is also called the African Teak and it is revered for its inherent strength. You get the assurance of using an all-wood cane with a premium appeal. This is a fashion accessory cane. It is elegant to the core, underlined by the metallic collar that sits atop the long, sturdy shaft. The handle and shaft wear a lovable, warm shade of brown that further invigorates the feeling of a premium, all-wooden construction. The stick does away with the usual handle choices, preferring the Crutch Style. The crutch handle is very easy to grip with its slight curvature that helps to create a strong grip with the least bit of effort. Imported from Scotland on special request, the Afromosia Derby Collar walking cane is now engaging serious sales with an ever-inflating waiting list. We request you to order this cane in advance owing to the slightly long procurement process and the rising demand.  36 inches tall.

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