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What to Look for in a Walking Cane

If you are buying a cane for the first time, you need to know what to look for in a walking cane. The access to proper information can help you make a more educated decision. We are specialists in this segment and go beyond the role of merely listing canes for sale. We constantly update our online store with relevant information about different staffs, sticks or canes and publish reading material. This includes discussion about the basics of how to approach when you buy a cane.

The most important considerations include:

 • Intended purpose of use—this is the first, most vital part of the assessment. A decorative or fashion cane is very different from specialty medical canes. Medically prescribed canes cannot be too glamorous whereas decorative canes aren’t the best bet, when you need a capable support to maintain the ideal posture. A hiking staff can be a very good gift to someone who loves the outdoors or camping but not for a lady intent on making a fashion statement with the cane!
 • Personal preferences—you can find canes for men and women apart from unisex canes. Collector’s canes have a very dedicated niche of buyers. Women might prefer soft touch handles canes while men might prefer thicker shafts made from hardwoods. An elderly user might need a lighter-yet-stronger cane such as those made from aluminum whereas someone who spends a lot of time outdoors might prefer folding canes or umbrella canes.
 • Individual sense of style—derby and crook handles present the classic options but some people prefer animal-themed choices. Traditional canes sporting a gold or silver collar along with a dark shaft are preferred by men whereas women are often drawn to canes in floral prints or pastel colors.
 • Degree of support needed—a heavier (in terms of body weight) user is more likely to need ultra-strong canes whereas taller men need extra tall canes that extend beyond the usual length for shafts.
 • Ease of portability—some canes can be easily folded and stacked in a handbag. Cane accessories like a strap ensure the cane is not lost. Folding and collapsible canes are the preferred choice of people who don't want to hang/carry a cane throughout the day.
 • Cane materials—from aluminum, Lucite and ultra-light carbon to traditional choices like hardwood, you can choose from a wide range of materials.

When buying a walking cane online, you should look for a credible walking canes retailer where shipping and pricing policies are explained clearly. We, at Walking-Canes.net, have worked hard over 10 years to earn a reputation of reasonable pricing and absolute transparency regarding the product on offer.

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