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Custom Made Walking Canes

Custom Made Walking Canes
One size does not fit all—this fact applies in totality to the niche of walking canes. Every individual is different and acknowledging this, we have an ever-increasing pool of customized canes, i.e. canes that can be altered to suit individual preferences.

Customize Your Cane
The cane marketplace can get very restrictive when it comes to getting a cane that is in-sync with your personal sense of style. However, some cane-makers have taken it to the customized approach, understanding that people are willing to pay and wait for individualized canes.

Freedom of Getting a Personalized Cane
From choice of materials used for the handle and collar to the kind of hardwood used for making the shaft and defining the type of ferrule, there is plenty of room to get a cane customized. Options in wood used are almost endless. Apart from wood, you get to try high-grade aluminum and ultra-light carbon fiber canes. Among the wide assortment of handles such as Fritz, Derby, Crook or Tourist, Offset, Petite, and T-handle, you can get a cane customized for personal use or gifting purposes. 

We have a vast range of European Canes too!