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Tall Walking Canes

Tall Walking Canes

Our selection of Tall Walking Canes serves the special needs of individuals whose heights exceed the typical dimensions for these aids. These products possess all the qualities of standard walking canes, offering support and a polished look. They may prove a practical solution for those with back discomfort due to the use of a cane, or those unable to locate one long enough to suit their stature. Our inventory even contains custom tall walking canes, up to a maximum length of 107 cm (42 inches). Moreover, tall canes make a thoughtful present, given their relative scarcity. People may also use them for a temporary fix when encumbered by a thick plaster cast around the foot. The crafty have even been known to use them as tools to draw objects closer! We offer several varieties of ultra-long canes, such as derby, crook, and fritz styles, in wood, acrylic, metal, or dark wood.

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