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Mens Derby Style Handle

Mens Derby Style Handle

Men’s Derby Style Handle
Derby cane, which is named after Lord Derby, combines comfort with elegance in an unbelievably simple but effective way. It is extremely popular, thanks to its classic design and support it offers. It is named after Lord Derby, its inventor, who designed a practical stick.  The weight of the user goes directly over cane's shaft and hence the cane offers excellent support.

Popularity of Derby Canes
These canes are highly useful for those, who are recovering from a major injury, operation or illness. It can also be used by ladies in post pregnancy days, when a lady walks with extreme difficulty due to weakness. These are very handy canes and you can keep your hands free while not using it. You can also find height-adjustable Mens Derby sticks. These canes are designed for taller people and come with extra long shafts. Designing is the most important part of Derby canes, which is why handles of the women's canes are kept a bit smaller to make way for a comfortable grip. 

Choosing Derby Cane
As far as Lord Derby style canes are concerned, many styles are available at our online store, ranging from the rustic to the more urbane. People prefer these canes as a gifting option too since their elegance and ease of usage is appreciated by everyone. The normal length of mens walking canes is around 91 cm.Some of our derby canes can be customized to reduce the length. Lucite Walking Canes  and Petite Canes can be a good option if the Derby Handle doesn't fit your needs. For further assistance, call our customer service at 1-888-928-1774.

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