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Fashion Walking Cane for Ladies

Fashion Walking Canes for Ladies

Canes of refinement, walking canes were first seen as a luxurious ornament in Europe during the late 16th century and soon became a must-have fashion accent for the aristocracy of the day. It wasn't long before exotic selections such as Malacca and ivory-handled canes were all the rage. Now, fashion canes are back in vogue, with both men and women sporting the accessory.In the modern marketplace, there is little difference between American and European styles. Increasingly seen on the red carpet, TV shows, and stage, fashion canes are a distinct category in the Functional, Designer, Medical, and Hiking divisions. These canes are slender and are better suited for lighter weights, making them more vulnerable to regular wear and tear.Vintage canes, some boasting designs from the Victorian era and used by American presidents, can be found for those able to pay the hefty price.

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