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Chestnut Walking Cane

Chestnut Walking Cane

Chestnut Walking Cane
If you want a cane that gives you firm support and also makes an impression as a premium lifestyle or fashion accessory, then choose the Chestnut Walking Cane. Chestnut is globally regarded as the top choice when you want a classic, premium hardwood. It ages very well, developing a unique hue that cannot be replicated via staining or polishing. It is nearly impossible to find a manufactured cane that has the same aura of pure chestnut wood shaft or handle.

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Chestnut Canes that are Immune to Warping, Humidity or Moisture The engagement factor of chestnut walking canes lies with the wood’s natural pattern and hues. The grain pattern is rather dense and the hues oscillate between medium brown and dark, maroonish red. The cane ages very well without any issues related to cracking or splitting. In fact, some cane connoisseurs believe that chestnut canes should be allowed to age like wine before being displayed! Chestnut has natural immunity against warping and other common cane maintenance related issues like humidity or moisture. Each chestnut walking cane is bound to be slightly different. It seems like every chestnut tree has a unique grain pattern that isn’t replicated. This means you are carrying an exclusive, un-imitable cane every time you walk with a chestnut walking cane.

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We have a wide array of canes made from original chestnut wood—some with shafts, hand carved into unique patterns. In some chestnut canes, sanded knob handles are fitted to provide a better grip. This handle also complements the rich wooden aura of the cane. The collar area of these canes are often embellished with intricate designs or collars made from high-quality materials. Our collection contains uniquely designed for both men and women.

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