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Mens Crook Style Handle

Mens Crook Style Handle

Mens Crook Style Handle
This is the most basic and traditional handle for a walking stick. Steam the wood to make it pliable and then, bend it into the curved shape and your crook style handle is ready. The best thing about crook handle cane is that it was popularly used by the intellectuals of the colonial era. Sir Henry H Lauder, a popular comedian and singer from Scotland, who became famous for his super-hit song "I Love a Lassie" is also known for appearing with his crooked walking stick.

Popularity of Crook Style Handle Canes
The unique sales proposition of a Crook Style Handle Canes is its low price, but it doesn't fall short of providing the support and assistance, the way expensive specialty canes provide. It appeals to both sexes equally and there is a large variety of such type of canes to choose from. Mobility assistance is something that everybody of us needs at some point of our lives. Sometimes, a person needs it for a brief period, while he recovers from an injury or operation and sometimes people need it for longer periods. In any case, an adjustable crook handle cane is a great tool to facilitate mobility while maintaining your independence. Finest hardwoods are used for making such canes. To make sturdy canes, kiln-cured canes are used and then a high gloss water resistant finish is rendered to it. To provide additional safety, a rubber tip is also provided. It can be delightful to own a small collection of these fashionable and stylish sticks. These are ideal for many occasions and are in high demand.

Choice Galore…Take Your Pick!
A wide variety of woods is used to make these stylish walking canes. We boast of an impressive inventory that continues to grow with every passing season. A tourist handle can be made from premium wood choices like olive wood, hickory, medlar, Hercules, ash, bamboo,and rattan palms. These woods are often combined with beechwood for an intensely seasoned, woody look. If you don't prefer crooked style canes, we recommend browsing through some alternatives—FritzDerby or  Spherical Acrylic Cap Canes.

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