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Articles and Stories on Walking and Hiking

Recovering on Crutches - 12 ways to stay positive while recovering using crutches

Survival Front - How to Read a Map!  Survival Front is dedicated to providing top quality guides and product reviews for all you budding survival enthusiasts. 

Hiking: The Perfect Exercise Alternative to Walking and Running - Perfect Exercise is Hiking 

Hiking’s Effects On Disease States - Hiking's Effect on How it can control the disease.

Aging Well: Walking for Senior Citizens  - Senior’s health is an important factor in the aging process.

Walking Posture for Kids - Stand up straight says mom!

Walking on the Trail: How to Stay Safe While Hiking - Hiking is a great way to exercise.

Walk, Jog or Run -The Ultimate Guide to Hiking - Be careful while hiking or walking the trails.  Ready why?

Walking Your Way to Better Health Walking can help you stay healthy! Find out how?

Walking and Hiking the Appalachian Trail - A guide to help  assist you as one of the best hiking spaces in the country. 

Support Walking - Health and Walking go hand in hand.  

Marathon Walking Resource Guide - A wonderful way to help maintain your health.

What is Fire Walking - An old spiritual movement that is still popular.

Walking Meditation - Walking meditation is a great way to relax the body.

A Race Walking Resource Guide -  Walking competition has been around since Greek Times!

Walking Cane Designs and Styles - So many styles to choose from. Read about them!

Handcrafted Walking Sticks and Canes - Many walking canes are a labor of love for many craftsman.

Mastering Mobility - Different medical diseases require the art of mastering walking all over again,

Medical Benefits of Hiking - Staying healthy with the help hiking.

Mobility Research Project - Articles on how many diseases require the use of a mobility aid.

How Osteoarthritis Affects Gait - This disease can affect your gait and why?

Diabetes and The Need for Walking Canes - Diabetes nerve damage cane cause one to use a walking aid.

Multiple Sclerosis and Gait Abnormalities - A disease that has major affects on walking and how a walking aid can help.

Parkinson's Disease and The Need for a Walking Cane - Parkinson’s disease and the gait problems one can have. 

Obesity and Gait Abnormalities - Obesity can cause one to have to use a cane.

How or What?  Please join us other interesting articles on questions pertaining to walking canes.

Hiking Sticks for a Variety of Climates   Picking the correct hiking stick for the climate you are going to be hiking in.

How to Pack for a Backpacking Trip  Picking up a backpack and traveling the world can be very daunting.

Appalachian Trail 101:  The Complete Guide for Beginners

Obesity: What It Really Is, The Risks, and How to Combat It   How to Combat Obesity

21 Chair Exercises for Seniors:  California Mobility

A History of Walking Sticks  By: Michelle J. Prima History of Walking Sticks


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