Men's Cherry Crook Handle


Hardwood canes have remained an eternal favorite despite pure hardwood creations getting pricier over the years. The Mens Cherry Crook Handle cane is the perfect example of a wood-rich cane that is traditionally perfect and contemporary relevant with amazing ease. Here, you get the unique chance to own the epitome of a pure wood cane, exotically designed for men. Made from maple wood, the cane reeks of the hardwood aura. The woodiness is accentuated by the cherry stain used along the shaft. Sturdy and proud in its stance, the shaft gains more style from a high gloss finishing. The lacquered finishing adds to the persona of the Cherry Crook Cane. You can buy this cane as you everyday companion for a stroll or a fashion accessory that can be used throughout the year. If you often attend black tie events or those with a formal theme, pick the Cherry Crook Handle cane without any doubt! Offered in a standard length of 36 inches, this can be cut down to suit your requirement. The cane has a dedicated rubber tip for additional support on slippery and wet surfaces.

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