Reflective Cane Holder for Walking Canes


This is a unique walking stick accessory.  Clips onto the neck of a walking stick, fitting most diameters.  When not required, the reflective clip sits discreetly parallel to the cane.  When needed to rest a stick beside a horizontal surface, the clip is easily adjusted to sit on the surface, keeping the stick secure and preventing it from sliding to the ground.  This walking cane holder can bring you a smart, elegant solution in the form of a cane holder that blends minimalism with style and efficiency. Investing in a cane holder is a wise decision if you often find it difficult to find a dedicated spot for your cane. The reflective cane holder is the ideal way to hold your cane no matter where you are. The use of reflective materials means you cane can be easily spotted, even in a crowded room. With this reflective holder, you can rest the walking stick on a work surface or a table with effortless ease. Portable and light in weight, this removable cane holder must be your on-the-go-cane accessory! The walking cane holder is quite durable as it is made of hard plastic and metal. Also, the reflective strip on top makes the cane visible in dark or dimly-lit conditions. Buy this walking stick holder for yourself or gift it to any cane user!  Clips on to canes with diameter of 1" or less.

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