T Handle Walking Cane

Men's T Handle Cane Black-Classy Walking Canes

Men's T Handle Cane Black

Men's T Handle Cane Black is an exquisite walking cane that features a 0.8125 inch (13/16) diameter walnut finish hardwood shaft. It has a mens "T...

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T Handle Walking Cane

Are you looking for better support or more hand comfort in your walking cane handle? If so, try one of our T-Handle Walking Canes. T-Handle canes are just that; they are shaped like a T. Some people prefer the T-Handle because they feel it gives them more support and that their fingers are able to wrap the handle easier than that of other shaped handles.

The T-Handle is offered in a variety of looks, colors and also offered in a variety of different style walking canes. The T-Handle comes in woods, such as walnut, Lucite, or a durable nylon material. The handles come in more elegant styles for the ladies and a more masculine style for the men. The ladies T-Handles are more petite to contour to the size of the womans hand easily. Some of the colors that the T-Handles come in are black, brown, white, and many others.

The T-Handle goes perfectly well with any choice of walking cane. The T-Handle can come on a collapsible or adjustable walking cane, on a variety of wooden walking canes, on a clear Lucite cane, and many more.

As you can see, the choices are limitless. If you are looking to find more comfort in a handle, something that your fingers can mold to without cramping, try the T-Handle for your walking cane today. Browse our selection and Im sure you will not be disappointed in all you have to choose from.

Try one of our other handles if this is not the one for you. We have derby, fritz, ball handles.

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