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T Handle Walking Cane

T Handle Walking Cane

Are you looking for better support or more hand comfort in your walking cane handle? If so, try one of our T-Handle Walking Canes. T-Handle canes are just that; they are shaped like a T. Some people prefer the T-Handle because they feel it gives them more support and that their fingers are able to wrap the handle easier than that of other shaped handles.

The T-Handle is offered in a variety of looks, colors and also offered in a variety of different style walking canes. The T-Handle comes in woods, such as walnut, Lucite, or a durable nylon material. The handles come in more elegant styles for the ladies and a more masculine style for the men. The ladies T-Handles are more petite to contour to the size of the womans hand easily. Some of the colors that the T-Handles come in are black, brown, white, and many others.


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